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A Secret Location Waiting for You

At Woodfords the accommodation is as magical as the location. Each of the 3 cabins are bespoke having been hand made with local wood and adorned with Woodford sculptures. For the outdoor lover there is the brass bed that sits under a wooden canopy and for the daytime a bed size swing. For those who love a caravan, the venue offers three of the finest. Each one with its own personality and Woodford finishes. And if clamping is your thing, there is enough space for 100 guests to rest their heads.

“Visiting Johnny's field is an enchanting seduction, a wonderland of artistic brilliance, a space to breath and play and it encapsulates the true meaning of a secret garden.”

Simon Brown

— Guest —
“I met my husband at Johnny's field and married him there two years later. It's a truly magical piece of heaven in the Sussex countryside which Johnny has lovingly created and generously shares.”

Melissa St John

— Bride —